About Us

POLARIS DESIGN was established in the Spring of 2007. However our collective team has been producing web and print design for over 20+ years. The owner started the group after having worked for several design and development firms over the years. He saw a need from these experiences for a company that could provide sound web design and development as well as print and marketing materials.

His experience in design combined with his working history in Information Technology allowed him to see web development from a holistic perspective. He set out to identify weaknesses in the majority of current offerings from other firms as well as utilize his resources to attract a small group of experienced team members.

POLARIS offers an integrated solution that covers design, programming and marketing. Our clients currently include both large and small businesses covering Jewelers, Restaurants, Insurance, Municipal Utilities and Retail Gift Shops among others.

Why choose us over other providers?
Here are just a few reasons...

We have been subcontracted out by dozens of "website companies" when they could not handle their workload or could not solve their client's problem. We may have already worked on your site and you may quite possibly have paid much more than we charge.

We love what we do and show it by not charging clients for every change to their site. We don't guarantee this service but many times have performed updates for free or at a significant cost reduction over our normal fees. We do this because we don't feel that every single minute worked should be charged for. For instance, just recently we changed a client's banner to reflect new contact information, added a directions page to another client's site and added a number of products to a third client's shopping cart. We did all this for free.

It is a fact of life - the web changes all the time. Software and browsers are updated which occasionally cause a site to not display as intended. We constantly check our client's sites and if we notice something amiss will take every reasonable step to update the code. We want our clients to have the best possible web presence. Each website we build reflects on us as well as them.

We install and track traffic on all websites. Although we sell SEO services we also routinely give clients extras such as placing free ads on some of our other website properties, including sites in our marketing PPC campaigns and frequently update our clients websites in order to help them achieve better placement in the various search engines. In short, your success is our success!